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Oussama Rakik

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Ryanair removes flight change fees


The lowcost airline Ryanair has announced that it will remove all charges for changing the date of a flight by a customer who makes a reservation in July or August (official source here). In the current context, this is excellent news for travellers who would still be lost or who would want to change their plans at the last minute in the case of a personal unforeseen event or a destabilisation of the health situation in the country concerned by the flight. You can now book your tickets on their website.

SwitzerlandTravel news

Switzerland: The safest country for a trip this summer!


A statistical study confirms Switzerland as the most secure country:

The Deep Knowledge Group published this study, which takes into account 200 countries around the world affected by VIDOC-19. It is also 130 parameters that are taken into account, such as the effectiveness of quarantine or the power of the health system. To see the full ranking, it’s over here. Despite a situation that was very complicated during the first months of the outbreak of the virus, Switzerland was able to control the virus and has very encouraging epidemiological figures on a daily basis.

Travel news

How much will we pay for our airline tickets?


While some countries have already announced the lifting of border closures in order to save the summer season, travellers are asking serious questions about the price of airline tickets in the future, and this is legitimate given the uncertainties surrounding the airlines. So are we going to see a discouraging increase in prices that would ultimately lead everyone to spend their holidays in their own country?

ItalyTravel news

Trip to Sicily: An opportunity to seize


With the reopening of the borders in Italy from 3 June next, one wonders what will happen next for this country whose tourism remains a fundamental activity for its economy. Sicily, one of Italy’s most beautiful regions, has decided to put in place measures to encourage tourists to leave their luggage behind. In fact, a trip to Sicily will cost you almost half price.

Travel news

50% off your trip to Japan


Japan is a country that attracts millions of tourists a year, especially during the spring season which is the season of cherry blossoms, one of the major attractions. The crisis that the world is going through today makes the Japanese government think, according to an internal source, and it would be ready to revitalize tourism by covering 50% of the cost of your trip to Japan.


The must-sees of Florence:


Florence is a mythical city, and the first thing that comes to mind when we think about it is art, exhibitions… But Florence is a city that by its authenticity has a lot to offer and we will try to go through all the interesting things you can see about Florence.


Top 8 things to do in Lausanne :


When I booked my bus tickets to Lausanne we frankly didn’t know what to expect. It was my first visit to Switzerland, and I couldn’t find many articles about the city. So I was pleasantly surprised by this city, which even on rainy days was a TOP for me

That’s why we decided to give you a top 8 of things to do in Lausanne, between the must-do and the less known things, get ready.

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