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Switzerland: The safest country for a trip this summer!


A statistical study confirms Switzerland as the most secure country:

The Deep Knowledge Group published this study, which takes into account 200 countries around the world affected by VIDOC-19. It is also 130 parameters that are taken into account, such as the effectiveness of quarantine or the power of the health system. To see the full ranking, it’s over here. Despite a situation that was very complicated during the first months of the outbreak of the virus, Switzerland was able to control the virus and has very encouraging epidemiological figures on a daily basis.


Top 8 things to do in Lausanne :


When I booked my bus tickets to Lausanne we frankly didn’t know what to expect. It was my first visit to Switzerland, and I couldn’t find many articles about the city. So I was pleasantly surprised by this city, which even on rainy days was a TOP for me

That’s why we decided to give you a top 8 of things to do in Lausanne, between the must-do and the less known things, get ready.

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