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Our Top Breathtaking Destinations you must see before you die. Part 1


in such a beautiful world like ours, we could have way too many beautiful destinations to visit maybe it’s a historical place? or even paradisiacal islands? well, no one can say that those are bad travel destination choices, but we can say that we may have some breathtaking destinations that you’d like to add to your must visit-list right away !!

1-Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

One of my top must-visit places, Salar De Uyuni. It is located in Potosí and Oruro departments, this is the world’s largest salt pan and one of the strange places in the world. And when a thin film of water gathers on the surface it is also the world’s largest natural mirror. The best sight of this space can be observed from the central Incahuasi Island

Image credits: dadi360
Image credits: dadi360

Sea Of Stars, maldives

Bioluminescent sea plankton that shines bright blue during the night makes the sea area at Vaadhoo Island look like the Sea of Stars. The sea of stars of Vaadhoo Island Maldives attracts millions of tourists every year. The Maldives is listed as one of the cheapest destinations in the world and this beach is one of the weirdest places across the world. So, what’s stopping you from seeing this sight?

Image Credits: WorldAtlas

Bamboo Forest, Japan

Arashiyama’s Sagano Bamboo Forest, or Bamboo Grove, is both locally famous and world-renowned. Visitors can stroll paths lined with endless rows of towering bamboo. The experience has been described as other-worldly, serene, and dreamlike.The sound of the rustling bamboo within this forest has been named one of the “100 Soundscapes of Japan” by the Japanese Ministry of Environment. Together with Fushimi Inari and the Kinkaku-ji, it offers a Kyoto experience not to be missed.

Image credits: Yuya Horikawa

Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale has been made eternally famous by the gleaming white calcite travertines (terraces) overrunning with warm, mineral-rich waters on the mountain above the village – the so-called ‘Cotton Castle’ (pamuk means ‘cotton’ in Turkish). Just above the travertines lies Hierapolis, once a Roman and Byzantine spa city, which has considerable ruins and a museum.

Image credits: Ahmet Sahin

Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls presents a spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur on the Zambezi River, forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was described by the Kololo tribe living in the area in the 1800s as ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ – ‘The Smoke that Thunders’. In more modern terms Victoria Falls is known as the greatest curtain of falling water in the world.

Image credits: Mark Smith

Image credits: Vittorio Chiampan

Vatnajokull Glacier Cave, Iceland

Ice caves are an everchanging natural phenomenon with fascinating ice formation and colors. Standing in a stunning ice cave within a great glacier you will feel you have gone right to the heart of this land of fire and ice. See the light pouring through fabulous transparent ice and the glorious vibrant blues swirling around you at the Crystal Ice Cave in the mighty Vatnajökull Glacier.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Turkey again? well yes, this country can never stop making us want to visit, There are many places to “must-see” in Cappadocia like; Fairy Chimneys, Goreme Valley National park and rock churches, underground cities of Kaymakli, Derinkuyu or Ozkonak, Zelve Valley and Pasabag, Avanos with its pottery and carpet production, Uchisar rock fortress, Ortahisar rock fortress, Ürgüp town, Ihlara valley, Soganli, Sinasos, and Hacibektas. In the Spring and Summer months, several alternative tours can be arranged

If you think that those are the only destinations we have to show you, well think again because we still have much more. Wait for our next parts.

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