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How much will we pay for our airline tickets?


While some countries have already announced the lifting of border closures in order to save the summer season, travellers are asking serious questions about the price of airline tickets in the future, and this is legitimate given the uncertainties surrounding the airlines. So are we going to see a discouraging increase in prices that would ultimately lead everyone to spend their holidays in their own country?

The price of airline tickets is likely to rise during the summer period:

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If ticket prices are relatively low at the moment, it is because uncertainty is still present and a second wave of the virus may very well break out in Europe. Booking airline tickets at the moment is not a good idea. However, when travel arrangements become clearer, then we can start to plan ahead. However, the current trend that would emerge, would be that on board the planes, the middle seat would be free. Respect for social distancing obliges. As a result, the price of airline tickets could skyrocket by up to 50%. The reason given is that if the middle seats were removed, a flight would no longer be profitable.

Is it really necessary to empty the middle seat?

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Leaving the middle seat vacant is for the moment only a guess. IATA studies show that the risk of contamination on board is very low. Passengers do not interact much on board do not move around too much. The seats serve as a barrier and the ventilation of the air limits the risk of transmission in front or behind. This leaves the airlines to advocate for a reinforcement of on-board health measures so as not to discourage passengers during the summer period.

But some countries, or regions, are already thinking of paying half the price of tickets for its tourists, notably Japan and Sicily.

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