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Ryanair removes flight change fees


The lowcost airline Ryanair has announced that it will remove all charges for changing the date of a flight by a customer who makes a reservation in July or August (official source here). In the current context, this is excellent news for travellers who would still be lost or who would want to change their plans at the last minute in the case of a personal unforeseen event or a destabilisation of the health situation in the country concerned by the flight. You can now book your tickets on their website.

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What are the terms and conditions offered by Ryanair?

All travellers who make a reservation for a flight in July or August will be entitled to a right to change the dates of that reservation. However, it has to be for the same destination and the flight must take place no later than the end of the year, i.e. before 31 December 2020. In addition, the airline plans to operate 1,000 daily flights from 1 July onwards.

But the company is preparing several sanitary measures that will have to be followed in order to protect the travellers. Here are the most striking and essential ones:

  • The mask inside the airport is highly recommended, however, it is mandatory in the plane and during the entire flight.
  • Check-in can only be done online, so passengers are asked to have their boarding pass in their smartphone.
  • On board, only contactless payments will be accepted.
  • To go to the washroom, you will have to ask permission as queuing will no longer be allowed on board.

So you can now start planning your summer trip, Italy will be one of the most targeted destinations.However, If you desire security before anything else, discover the safest country (covid19) to travel to this summer.

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