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Travellers are not all the same, each person’s tastes make each one of us a traveller apart. However, we can more or less categorize them. And among these categories, two stand out: solo travellers and group travellers. Questions are always asked about solo travel, such as: Aren’t you bored? It’s not dangerous to travel alone? What’s the point of travelling alone? and lots of others. I will try to break some of the myths and answer some of these questions. But the subject is vast and for this article I will only talk briefly about these recurring questions.

Is boredom the first enemy on a solo trip?

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I want to tell you explicitly that it is not, but any answer is obviously to be qualified. When you travel solo and well you don’t really stay alone, it’s just that it’s not the people you’re used to having by your side who are. One goal for me to travel alone is to reach people more easily. It’s not about being extroverted or not, it’s about making your trip a unique experience that you are not used to. And that’s where you see if the solo trip is really for you or not. Going towards others means discovering new people, new cultures, sharing one’s own and sharing a part of your trip with people you don’t even know but who share the same passion as you. I can also tell you that traveling solo allows you to better discover the place where you are to visit it more deeply. Besides,For the photographers, the solo trip also allows you to feel freer in your desire to stop every 2 minutes to take all the pictures you want in the best conditions and not just take pictures in a hurry. In short, unless you absolutely need your loved ones by your side, boredom is not an issue in solo travel. Especially, and this is what I’m going to talk about now, when you get all the good things out of a solo trip.

What’s the point of travelling solo?

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There are a lot of interests in travelling solo, I mentionned the first one above but it is the fact that you go to people, maybe in the beginning not for pure pleasure but out of necessity. Unless we have an ultimate knowledge of all languages, we will inevitably need information at some point during our trip, especially in the case of a total change of scenery. On the other hand, traveling alone means taking full advantage of the human experience that can be offered to you. Let me explain: It is possible that a person may go to the Philippines. But the goal of his trip is to have a maximum of fun and enjoy the paradisiacal setting. However, Another person can make the same trip but for him the contact with the local population is an important part of his trip. I see you coming by saying that you can totally have contact with the local population without being alone. I can tell you that no, it’s not the same thing, as a group we feel in a bubble which prevents us a little more from going towards the others and which also hinders the others from coming towards us.

What to retain from this?

All in all, if you’ve always thought that you would like to experience a travel experience that you’ve never really been able to experience before, that you like to get out of your bubble, don’t be afraid to travel alone. You learn a lot, you come out strong and most importantly: Every trip remains authentic.

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