Top 8 things to do in Lausanne :


When I booked my bus tickets to Lausanne we frankly didn’t know what to expect. It was my first visit to Switzerland, and I couldn’t find many articles about the city. So I was pleasantly surprised by this city, which even on rainy days was a TOP for me

That’s why we decided to give you a top 8 of things to do in Lausanne, between the must-do and the less known things, get ready.

The cathedral of Lausanne:

The impressive Lausanne Cathedral is impossible to miss. It is considered one of the most beautiful monuments of Gothic art in Europe. Beyond its sublime architecture, which you can contemplate in the morning. I advise you to go there at night to attend an unusual practice: The watch of the cathedral of Lausanne cries out from the tower on time to the inhabitants between 22H and 2H, a 600 years old practice not to miss it. Admission is free but to go up the price is 5CHF (4,75euro )and 3CHF (2,85) for students (you just have to have a student card with you whatever your country).

The quays of Ouchy:

You can’t pass through Lausanne without visiting Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Switzerland. Whether you are alone, with friends or better yet with lovers, the setting is ideal to take a good breath of fresh air and get to know the swans that wander along the lake. The quays of Ouchy really symbolize the first adjective that comes to mind when one thinks of Lausanne: Peaceful. If you are in love with Pedalo you can do that too.

The Beaches of Lausanne:

If you visit Lausanne in the high season don’t hesitate to go and relax or even swim in the lake of Geneva. The Vidy beach is the best known. Between walks on the beach, sunbathing, pedal boat rental, beach volleyball… the choice is yours, the inhabitants of Lausanne will not tell you otherwise.

Geting lost in the city:

The city is the historical district of Lausanne. It is where most of the monuments of Lausanne are based (including the Cathedral and the Château St-Maire). But for me the most important thing to do in the city is to get lost in the small streets where you can really feel the medieval air. It’s in this neighbourhood that you can find many small bistros and also the craftsmen. You shouldn’t miss it before having a good and well deserved lunch after so much walking.

The Olympic Museum:

Lausanne is particularly known for its Olympic Museum. You should know that Lausanne is home to the International Olympic Committee. I didn’t have the time to visit this museum personally because it takes time not to leave it empty. But I made do with the statues that are placed in the Park in front of the museum, including the famous Olympic torch and its sacred fire. I recommend that you take a look at them.

The terraces of Lavaux:

For me you should not miss the terraces of Lavaux (classified as UNESCO World Heritage). During a bike ride on foot you can contemplate the vineyards maintained by generations of families, in all their splendour and in all seasons. The bus takes you from the centre of Lausanne to the terraces (it takes about 45 minutes). The walking routes are well done and you just have to contemplate the landscape that stretches out over Lake Geneva.

Jorat Woods:

Less known by tourists, yet offering just as many beautiful landscapes. The Jorat wood was my discovery of Lausanne. It’s an expanse of forest (which I unfortunately had to explore on a rainy day, but it was my hiker’s soul that drove me there). There are many paths but I recommend the one of the Jorat fountains which is the most pleasant and has many explanatory panels. I leave you the link for the available paths.

Our Advices:

  • In the majority of the hotels that you will book to spend your stay in Lausanne, they will provide you with a map to use the public transport (metro, bus…), please make sure when you book that it is included.
  • Lausanne is a city that you can travel in 2 days if you are in low season, I recommend you to spend at least one more day there if you are in high season.
  • Don’t hesitate to walk all over Lausanne and only use public transport (despite the card which is offered) for long trips (Lavaux, Jorat).

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