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50% off your trip to Japan


Japan is a country that attracts millions of tourists a year, especially during the spring season which is the season of cherry blossoms, one of the major attractions. The crisis that the world is going through today makes the Japanese government think, according to an internal source, and it would be ready to revitalize tourism by covering 50% of the cost of your trip to Japan.

Japanese tourism in distress:

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Japan received only 2900 foreign tourists in April 2020, the worst score since 1964, and the percentage drop is the worst in the country’s history (it is around 99%). Consequently, The government is thinking of launching a $12.5 billion program. Houwever, Validation is still required but when it takes place it would allow foreign tourists to see their travel expenses decrease by 50% and thus encourage them to visit the Japanese country in the coming months. It should be noted that if the figures related to Covid-19 allow it, this plan could take place as early as July according to the president of the Japanese national tourism agency. The reopening of borders with foreign countries which has already begun in Japan remains to be noted.

However, the case is still to be followed, as the officialization is still pending, but also to know a little more about how we, as travellers, will be able to benefit from this care. Don’t hesitate to follow us on our blog and social networks so that we can simplify your research, keep you informed and prepare your trip to Japan.

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