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Trip to Sicily: An opportunity to seize


With the reopening of the borders in Italy from 3 June next, one wonders what will happen next for this country whose tourism remains a fundamental activity for its economy. Sicily, one of Italy’s most beautiful regions, has decided to put in place measures to encourage tourists to leave their luggage behind. In fact, a trip to Sicily will cost you almost half price.

Desperate times call for desperate measures:

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The Mediterranean island, which lives essentially from tourism, has been very much affected by the coronavirus and has lost nearly a billion of the turnover it generates. But the regional councillor in charge of tourism Manlio Messina explained in the columns of the local daily newspaper Il Giornale di Sicilia that packages will be distributed to future tourists. Packages that give many advantages including:

  • half-price airline tickets
  • one out of every three nights in a hotel is free
  • Access to archaeological sites and museums will be free (Sicily has 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites)

You can find all the news and information regularly updated on the website of the regional tourist agency in Sicily. It is here that the promotional codes (or packages, we don’t yet know what form this will take) will be published that can be used for a trip to Sicily.

These are the broad outlines of the advantages that these packages will offer, but it is not yet complete and we will have more details once the program is launched. But the projections are made for September where the time is still there. If we start a little in advance, a trip to Sicily is quite affordable, but with the addition of the promotions it could become a very good plan.

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