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Travelling can be synonymous with total disconnection. It is said that enjoying one’s travels has often meant detaching oneself from social networks and our phones and computers in order to enjoy the present moment . But the fact is that the phones are there and it’s hard to get rid of them, so we might as well make it a way to make our lives as travellers easier.All to tell you that today there are several applications that simplify our lives as travelers, some are interesting for all types of travelers and others are even more interesting for solo travelers. There are a lot of them but I am going to present you the ones that I find the most interesting and among them some that I personally use. Feel free to tell us which application you use the most.


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SkyScanner is by far the best flight comparator for me, it really offers you all the possible flights for a given destination and you can make your choice according to the parameter you are most interested in, usually it is the price or the duration of the flight that interests you the most. But in my opinion it is necessary to combine duration and price and thus choose the cheapest flight for a reasonable total flight time (not choosing a flight between Paris Oslo which is 9 hours long with a stopover for 20 euros less than another direct flight in 2h30 is not very profitable). In short, by planning in advance and using SkyScanner you can find tickets to the destination of your choice for a price you didn’t think you would get and save a lot of money. But SkyScanner is my number 1 app because it allows you to find the cheapest destinations if you don’t really know where you want to go and you just want to travel. You just have to navigate a little in their search engine and you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for. And why not see what your post-COVID-19 trip can look like by clicking here.


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Just as Skyscanner Omio is a comparator of flights but also of trains and buses. And it’s for the last two that I use it, when I plan a trip in a country where I plan to travel to several cities and I’m alone or with someone and renting a car is not very profitable, Omio allows you to organize all your trains and buses in advance by finding the best prices especially if you do it in advance. Once again it is easy to navigate into it and you can use it anywhere in Europe where it is most efficient. See for yourself by clicking here.


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Google Maps is the application I use the most during my travels to move from one side to the other. Being rather a fan of walking tours Maps allows you to keep an eye on the final destination you want to reach while allowing you detours to better visit the city and not limit yourself only to visit known places. Being a photographer I can say that it is by getting lost that you make the best pictures. In short Google Maps is your powerful ally unless you have a dead phone battery.


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I’d spend less time on this one since almost everyone knows it. Booking is nowadays the reference when it comes to hotel reservations. You will find all kinds of accommodation but Booking is mainly used for hotel reservations. It’s up to you to see according to your tastes and your means. But if I can add an advice from me it would be to have an account on Booking it allows you to benefit from discount offers that are not visible if the reservation is made as a “Guest”.


I won’t also spend a lot of time on Airbnb which has become a reference in travel rental. Airbnb becomes the solution of profitability when traveling with several people: as an example, we had booked for a trip for 4 to Malta in the St Julian district (the most lively) a 3-room apartment for 10 euros per night, which is absolutely incredible.


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I’m sharing with you now, an application that I particularly like: HostelWorld. It has the same function as Booking and Airbnb but is more focused on youth hostels. You can book private rooms or rooms in dormitories (which I do personally) which allows you to meet people from all over the world and continue your trip with them, and all this at very low prices and if you choose your hostel well, the stay can only be pleasant. This application is more for solo travellers who want to meet people. I strongly recommend it. To consult it it’s here.

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